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Made by me (Usagi)October 22, 2018:
I've had a lot of things going on the last few months... My Pop Pop passed away on September 7th, it's been rather difficult to deal with. Also I lost my Sailor Moon Drops game (all the data) and I was pretty far in the game had most of the characters. I don't know what happened. As frustrating as it was I restarted the game.... Went to play it this morning to find it lost again, so needless to say, but I'm done with it. It's a fun, cute game but the app isn't stable, it's a piece of crap. I'll keep up the wallpapers I collected. I may add other things from the game eventually. Right now though I've had it, I'm done with it.

I've also been getting this weird spam in my e-mail and I want to give warning incase anyone else gets it. In this spam they tell you they have hacked your e-mail and they tell you they have your password (which they don't) saying the have set a virus in your email (not true, no virus) and you have 48 hours to send them $800 with numbers and a weird so called link, if you dont they will send your contacts whats on your computer. Very weird.

Made by me (Usagi)August 11, 2018:
Tinkered with the coding some and changed the navigation a little bit for visitors using their phone, so it lines up nicely without any scrolling (unless you make it bigger of course). I took the guestbook link from the navigation, but you will still find it in UMU's intro, up above. I also added the new icon, I used with the previous update below.

Made by me (Usagi)August 08, 2018:
It took me a little bit longer than I thought it would to put everything together and finish, but we're back with a shiny new layout, celebrating 17 years online!! Time definitely flies by fast, I honestly felt like I just finished putting up the last layout and it still doesn't seem possible that UMU is 17 years old! If you would like to learn more about the new layout see here! I really do hope everyone likes what I did, please let me know in our guestbook! A new Sailor Moon Drops Wallpaper has been added! I didn't get a chance to finish up a few things I wanted to do for UMU's 17 year anniversary, but I'm hoping to get done by the weekend.
Happy 17th Usagi and Mamoru's Universe!! Today is also my best friend Minako's birthday!! Happy Birthday! I love you!! Oh yeah and to the Google Cloud stalker - if you can actually see this...You have raised stalking to a whole new level, good grief... please go away and get a life! >_<

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